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The Children’s Guild is a nonprofit, child-serving organization founded in 1953, serving emotionally disturbed children through the provision of special education, group living, treatment foster care and mental health services in Maryland.

What makes The Children’s Guild different?

Transformation Education.
Behavior-disordered children referred to our special education schools, group living program, foster homes or mental health center strongly hold their beliefs valid and their own view of reality as accurate. They have learned their mindset from the experience of living in their personal culture. Given their personal culture was so effective in creating their current mindset, we have taken the method the children originally learned how to behave and think, i.e., culture, and uses it to acculturate children with a new mindset. The result: they know two ways of thinking rather than one.
We know that children do as we do not as we say; quality physical environments strengthen neural connections and motivate positive behavior, integrated service fosters effective outcomes and that the brain learns best by doing. Therefore, Transformation Education works because it:
  1. Focuses on what the staff and the organization do and say to transform the child rather than how the child acts;
  2. Focuses on designing the facilities to reflect the values we espouse and to be compatible with the brain’s need for stimulation, contrast, challenge and meaning;
  3. Focuses the operating systems so that their values, language, beliefs and processes are congruent with The Children’s Guild’s mission;
  4. Delivers our curriculum/programs in an experiential way that promotes the construction of knowledge and the acquisition of skills and values through direct experience.

Special Education Programs


• Day School
• School to Work
• Structured Teaching
• After School

Family Help Center

• Mental Health Center
• Treatment Foster Care
• Becoming a Foster Parent

Group Living Program

This information is from The Children’s Guild website:

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